Best Dual Recline Sofa, Gray

Best Dual Recline Sofa, Gray

* Same as Cash Total: $1,299.99


  • Brand: Best Home Furnishings

Surrounded by generous amounts of cushioning pillow fibers, this sofa with recliners on each end is all about relaxation.  Enjoy the experience while you can, because you may get so comfortable you fall asleep.

Comfort is not sacrificed by quality. Built in the USA* with southern Indiana craftsmanship, this sofa features kiln-dried hardwood frame parts, heavily reinforced joints and a reclining mechanism that has been tested beyond industry standards. The back is removable for easy access to the lumbar support, and ease in moving and transportation. This will be your go-to spot for a restful day or night. 

87W x 45.5W x 41D; Seat 66W x 20.5W x 25D

Add the matching loveseat to transform your house into a home.