Troy-Bilt High Wheel Self-Propelled Mower

Troy-Bilt High Wheel Self-Propelled Mower

Model: LMD12AVB2MR766A

  • Brand: Troy-Bilt

Eliminate oil changes with Check, Don't Change(TM) Troy-Bilt engine. Simply check the oil each time and top off as needed. Mow with more control using variable speed front wheel drive.

  • Troy-Bilt Check, Don't Change(TM) engine eliminates the need to change oil by simply checking before each use and topping off as needed
  • Built In America with U.S and Global Parts since 1937
  • Pushes more easily over rough spots and up hills with 11-in high rear wheels
  • Get improved control and faster turns with variable speed front wheel drive
  • Deck wash adaptor makes maintenance easier by simply connecting a standard garden hose to rinse clippings from underside of deck
  • TriAction┬« cutting system delivers a well-groomed look to your lawn. The rake bumper, specialized blade and symmetrical deck work together to create finely mulched clippings and a clean, even cut every time.

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