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A Manager Trainee will have a lot of responsibility, and this job requires advanced leadership skills. 

A Manager Trainee will be expected to lead by example in dealing with customers, answering queries, selling, handling payments and showroom displays. They are also responsible for managing store associates by providing the overall direction, motivation, coordination and evaluation of the store's performance. 

Responsibilities: Maintain a friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing attitude. This job requires people and customer service skills. Not only will you interact with your employees every day, but you will also need to assist customers when they have questions, concerns or complaints. Put on a happy face and address these issues in a professional manner. 

  • Ensure the store meets sales targets and goals 

  • Analyze sales figures and create future sales forecasting goals and strategies.  

  • Exhibit excellent oral and written communication skills.  

  • Complete store operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees and monitoring their work results.  

  • Maintain store staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting and training employees. 

  • Ensure availability of merchandise and services by maintaining inventories. 

  • Identify current and future customer requirements by establishing rapport with potential and actual customers and other persons in a position to understand service requirements.  

  • Maintain the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements and compliance. 

  • Protect employees and customers by providing a safe and clean store environment. 

  • Determine marketing strategy changes by reviewing operating and financial statements and departmental sales records. 

  • Maintain operations by initiating, coordinating and enforcing program, operational and personnel policies and procedures.  

  • One-to-two years supervisory/management experience is a plus. Previous rent-to-own experience is desirable but not necessary.  


Leadership Skills: You will have several people you need to supervise in addition to handling general complaints, last-minute schedule changes and inventory problems as they arise. Manager Trainees are leaders and should represent the company and themselves well by acting as a role model to the people reporting to them. You'll need to keep a level head, be able to multitask and have excellent people skills.  

Organization: There will be a million things going on and as a Manager Trainee, everyone will depend on you to have it all worked out for them. You should be able to stay focused during busy times and delegate tasks to employees to keep business running smoothly. 

Recruiting and Training: Manager Trainees are responsible for supporting and assisting Store Managers in recruiting and interviewing quality applicants to staff their location, and they must make sure the new employee training transition goes as smoothly as possible. You should be a good teacher with the ability to manage different personality types that all require different management approaches in an effort to help employees advance in their careers.   

Attentive: This is not a position in which you can sit back, forget about the people around you and do your own thing. Your job is to be attentive to your employees by motivating them to succeed and improve. Even if business is slow, keep your staff in high spirits and be as helpful as possible to customers and clients.  

Background check, valid in-state driver's license and clean driving record. 


Paid vacation (1 week after 6 months), medical, dental, disability and life insurance with dependent option after 60 days, Employee Purchase/Rental Plan, 401(k) with company match, Career Advancement Training and an Employee Referral Program.

POSTED 11/10/2021